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I'm trying to get rid of some clicks and/or crackles in an interview with Izotope RX 6. I tried the 'click' and 'noise' and even 'mouth click' settings (with various tweaking of settings) but can't seem to get rid of these noises.
I've attached a sample of what I'm talking about. It's only on the left channel.
Any recommendations on how to get RX to get rid of this? I'm not well versed in the program and am reading up on it now but if anyone has experience with this program (or another?) and how to get rid of the noises I'd really appreciate it.
I'm hoping to get an answer before tomorrow morning when the interview airs but if not...I'll know for next time I guess.


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pcrecord Thu, 08/17/2017 - 05:20

Right, the noise is only on the left, so you could work on the left channel and leave the right untouched.

If declick, demouth and other automatic tools arent't helping, you still can do it manually with spectral repair. You select the noise and spectral will replace it with surrounding signal.


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