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CD Player digital stream, uh oh.

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Something that I've come across on consumer CD players. I bought a new setup for my house that consists of a Pioneer Elite Universal DVD/CD player and a HarmonKardon surround amp. The player is hooked up to the amp via SPDIF connection. The digital stream shuts off during audio black and then turns back on when the signal returns, the problem is that the amp looses digital lock when the stream shuts off and then relocks when the stream returns, unfortunately clipping the beginning of the songs if there is audio black before the song. Adjusting the ID does no good because there is still no signal present. What I've done is increase the pre signal by 1 sec and then adjust my ID accordingly. Now this works for playing continuously but jumping between tracks creates the same problem, takes too long for the amp to reclock. This kind of system is designed for home theater use and it's a common problem, that's why it's common practice to have 2 secs of pre signal for AC3 streams. But i would imagine that most consumers would have the same setup to listen to stereo CD's (connecting their DVD player via the SPDIF cable to also play their CD's). Has anyone run into complaints with this or noticed this on their home systems?