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CDR Quality & dupe speed - are we dealing with fact

OK I have a Microboards 4 bay StartRec stand-alone (has a hard drive) CDR buner that does:

1 x
4 x
8 x


So, speed? Duplicators? Errors? Checking them?

I mean it's digital aint it?

So it should be perfect!

I do know one thing, media is of primary importance, I make sure I use the recomended CDR's for it.

what you guys think? Experience's good? Bad?

Quality & dupe speed - are we dealing with fact or superstition?



Guest Sat, 08/18/2001 - 01:26
Exsqueeze me? What is DDP?
(on a Macintosh)

So I can make masters on my computers burner,

Masterlist CD

Then clone listening copies on the Microboards unit...

Sounds cool. But what about Speed of dupe? Make any difference???




Guest Sat, 08/18/2001 - 16:15
I wonder if a plextor is better than my Yamaha 4 x speed burner (mounted in a hot swap bay)
I will look into it Thanks a lot Bill, Bob & Brad! This thread is rocking!
Do you think they make a plextor that fits in a Rourk hot swap bay?

A got a good feeling about Jam burning software...On the digidesign newsgroup, folks in the know seem to prefer it over MLCD.

Guest Mon, 10/01/2001 - 06:59
So how is this then:

Burn Red book CDR on mac with sound files of Pro Tools Mixes so thats a hard drive to CDR - SDII (or AIFF)(try to get plextor burner)

Take red book CDR and transfer that to Hard drive of Startrec CDR dupe machine.

Burn copies from Hard drive of CDR Dupe.

Hows that for a jitter raft ride?

(also possible to read off the CD master while burning copies?? is that worse jitterwise?)




pan Tue, 10/02/2001 - 06:47
So, just to confirm...I have compiled an Album with extensive crossfades.

My options are: Send my compilation on CD Audio burnt from Jam on a Yamaha burner to the factory
OR go to a Mastering House with Sadie/Sonic and do the whole compilation again to leave there with a DDP for the Factory?

wattuyu tink?


brad Tue, 10/02/2001 - 07:03
If you are happy with the transistions and overall sound quality of the master and if you are able to create a disc in Jam that plays back as you want, go ahead and send it to the factory. You might want to borrow someones Plextor and ask the plant for an error report (I assume you don't have a Stagetech or Clover ECC), but otherwise you should be fine...