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hello I'm new here can anyone help plzzzzzzzz i have a Samplitude version 8 but i am getting a lot of clicking on my tracks can someone tell me why & how do i get rid of them i would be very grateful.i am recording a track of myself is very annoying when u have finished the recording then u here clicking noises that spoil it plz help tyvm x ollie


anonymous Mon, 12/27/2004 - 09:59

The clicking that youre hearing could be a number of things.
I had a run in with the "clicking factor" and it didnt take me very long to figure it out.
While listening to some recorded tracks,I too heard "clicks"
In my case,I found out that while I was laying down some tracks in my home studio,someone in the house was turning on or off, either light switchs, or some electrical items,that apprarantly were on the same circut as my studio room circut.
My house was built in the early 60s,so needless to say,a good ground needs to be in the works.
Ive isolated the circuts in question,but its gonna cost me some $$$$ to get her done----so what Ive done is-------------------kick everybody out of my house before laying down some important tracks.
Not sure if this is youre case-------hope this helps 8-)

FifthCircle Mon, 12/27/2004 - 10:05

Clicking can come from a number of places depending on what they sound like. They can indicate clocking issues, power fluxuations, or any one of a number of other problems. I've also found that if you are doing too much non-recording stuff in Samplitude, you can also get a distorted clicking sound that is a result of the CPU missing cycles of calculation that Samp is expecting. If you close out Samp and restart, those usually go away.


FifthCircle Mon, 12/27/2004 - 20:02

Ollie contacted me off list and I listened to the clicks. It turns out he is using a Sound Blaster Audigy card that has a bad cable. I would like to reiterate my question, though, that I asked him privately and he didn't answer....

You said you are using Samplitude version 8. You have an American hotmail email address and this software has NOT been released in this country yet. How did you get it? Are you using the cracked version that is on the net?


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