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Gyraf Audio Gyratec XIV

Just put in a order for one of these bad boy EQ's (not sure how long before it actually gets shipped out to me). If anyone has one of these bad boys and has some favorite settings/uses etc. please pass em along!


BassFuzz Fri, 08/27/2010 - 07:35
Thanks for the link and yes I will definately let ya peeps know. I got rid of my Groove tube (tube of course) compressors and got a Charter Oak which is really clean but miss a little of that tubiness (is that a word ha!?!) that helped ITB mixes I get, so wanted to go with a less of a super clean EQ (gml etc.) and something that has a little character and fit my price range.

anonymous Fri, 12/03/2010 - 04:13
BassFuzz, post: 358046 wrote: Thinking about trying some different tubes with this Mullards/Telefunken? There's Phillips E88CC (6DJ8) in there now, anybody have any good luck with any different brands?

6DJ8 may have too low a maximum anode voltage for the G14 - you should use the nearly-similar 6922 or E88CC to ensure long-term quality. The Philips ECG 6922 is among the best sounding replacements available at a decent price.

And you will want to match the two tubes closely for raw gain to obtain the best results.

Jakob E.

anonymous Fri, 12/03/2010 - 06:05
Link555, post: 358088 wrote: there are only a few actually tube manufacturers these days.

You probably won't want new-production tubes in the G14 - at least when it comes to the E88CC-type, we haven't been able to find any current manufactured that sounds comparable to the NOS JAN-types. And lifespan has been pretty poor on most of the current-production types we've tried.

Jakob E.

BassFuzz Fri, 12/03/2010 - 08:10
Sorry Jakob, I saw they were Phillips but are the stock tubes from your factory, I just grabbed the model listed on the website as I didn't want to pull it out of the rack again to look, so sorry for any confusion. Have you messed with NOS Mullards/Telefunkens/Siemens etc. and found any discernible difference between the various brands compared to the Phillips in the EQ. I'm enjoying your EQ and thought I wouldn't mind spending some extra $ to have the option of some variation in sound (if it makes a difference with your design). If decent price wasn't a concern, what would you be using in it?


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