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I mostly do electronic music from Reason and using DAW. my friend just gave me a otari Mx 5050 1/4 reel to reel. I love it when I dump the mix from my computer to warm it up a little bit. I just want to know if you can tell me if there is a way to turn this machine into a 1/2 inch? or maybe I am just dreaming big.



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Kurt Foster Thu, 11/14/2002 - 09:00
That machine wouldn't be a good candidate for a 1/2" conversion. The 5050 transport has some speed stability issues and a 5050 isn't capable of high speed op (30ips). Like the older AMPEX machines, the OTARIs run at slower and faster speeds depending where in the reel you are....the best cheap machines for a 1/2" conversions are the MCI 110B' can find them used for under $1000 US and JRF can supply the 1/2" headstack...Michael Gore at Bay Area Studio Engineering in SF can help you find a used MCI and help you convert it. ...... Fats