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inexpensive quality Home Recording

I have been recording music as a hobby for about 8 years and i have recently come across a program in the last few years called Mixcraft, now i know its probably well known to most people out there, bit i have it on an old Toshiba laptop with a decent mic i have recorded numerous songs that sound just as good as a pro studio, if you wanna hear samples go to, my artists have a few songs up there you can listen to all have been recorded with mixcraft. but if you havent heard of it give mixcraft 5 a try, at least the demo. with the demo version you can use every aspect of the program except you cant mix it to an mp3 or music file to put on CD, etc. i havent yet found anything better. if you think you have something better please let me know i'm always looking

here's a link to the actual program.


RemyRAD Wed, 04/18/2012 - 15:36

Hi there. Yes, most of us have heard of that program and it ain't awful. It just really isn't very professional compared to many others. But it is interesting. It's actually an entry-level program and most of us are about 20-40 years beyond entry-level. You are preaching to the choir.

In listening to your couple of examples, your work certainly does not sound entry-level. It actually sounds quite professional. You are doing nice work with that program. That program makes sense for you and you have mastered its capabilities. So you obviously aren't any kind of dummy beginner. That program is designed to do precisely what you are doing. And you are doing it very well.

So my question to you is, did you have a question? Or are you just trying to share your joy? If that's the case? I enjoyed what you did. I didn't find it obnoxious, distorted or bad. Your production technique with cool sounding. And you should be proud of what you did. So my next curiosity would be how old are you? How long have you been doing this? What is the other equipment you are using since you need to utilize equipment to utilize the software. You know, microphones, preamps, computer audio interfaces, monitor speakers, the whole 9 yards or is that 3 meters may be metres? I have big feet does that mean I have a big meters?

I also have a big mouth but then you already knew that.
Mx. Remy Ann David

Devious_Records Wed, 04/18/2012 - 20:00


I'm asking if anyone knows of inexpensive user-friendly computer recording programs such as mixcraft (cuz you know i dig it) so i can expand my knowledge. also "Sharing my joy"
for those few songs, and the rest that i haven't put out to public yet, all i use is a Toshiba Satellite laptop, my girls mic, an SM58 or something, (I'm not too savvy on mic's.) and the necessary audio cables, usually 3.5mm & 1/4'' adapters. I'm 24, i screwed around in high school with Acid Pro 3 or 4, got interested in it, and 2 years ago i finally started recording my music for real, instead of just messing around with it. AND not to mention the "artists" i work with are very impatient, for vocal recording, they see something i would re record for quality as good, which makes em harder to work with

RemyRAD Fri, 04/20/2012 - 22:17

Not sure why other folks have not chimed in to your question?

I certainly do know of other programs. Even you know of other programs such as Acid. Of course that's not the only other one. But if the mixcraft works for you, why do you want to change? ProTools, Cuebase, Presonus Studio One version 2.0, are other possibilities for you. All of which have substantial learning curves. They are all the same but different just like boys and girls are. So use what makes sense for you. Inexpensive? Hell no those aren't inexpensive. AH the caveat here is that if you purchase an external audio interface, many come bundled with Cuebase. That's an incredibly powerful program even in its LE versions and in all probabilities will blow away your mixcraft and its capabilities overall.

What I do see as a concern is the lack of a computer audio interface other than what is built into your computer already which is rather abysmal in its quality level. You would do much better with an actual computer audio interface where you can take the XLR output of a microphone and feed it into an XLR input instead of those cheesy adapters. That's professional and the built-in computer sound gizmo is not. And the bonus is the powerful included bundled software.

So if you are now recording your music for real... you need a for real audio interface with the bundled software.
Mx. Remy Ann David

Jenson Sun, 04/22/2012 - 02:00

Try something like Reaper

All of the more feature-rich music recording programs have a bit of a learning curve. If you try one, give it some time. The "inexpensive" part of your requirement is the sticker. Mackie Traction 3 is now inexpensive. It's easy to use, but it's no longer being updated, so is probably not a good choice. I'm using [=""]Reaper[/]="http://www.reaper.f…"]Reaper[/]. If I had money to throw around all over the landscape for up-front costs and periodic expensive updates, I'd use ProTools, but alas, ... I must live within a budget.

At this time, [[url=http://="http://www.reaper.f…"]Reaper[/]="http://www.reaper.f…"]Reaper[/] is a $60 outlay for home users, and is updated regularly. You can download it and try the full uncrippled version for free, and no, I'm not a Reaper rep. which I'm sure they would be happy to point out.

The programs bundled with audio interfaces are another good source of DAW software as has been mentioned. Whatever you get, give it some time unless you happen to be a audio recording whizzkinder. To the rest of us, the learning curve is daunting. OK, OK, to ME that curve is daunting!

Jeff Ling Mon, 04/23/2012 - 12:32

Personally, if the tools I'm using are working for me then I keep using them. What you're using seems to be working nicely for you so...
If you want to try something new just to see what else is out there, Studio One has a free version you could try. Reaper as mentioned above is also very good.
I'm mostly a Pro Tools and Logic guy myself and I've never used Mixcraft but I'll give it a look.



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