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L1 and Masterlink Release time?

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I have noticed that the default release time on both the Waves L1 and the Masterlink Limiter is 10 mS. That seems very short to me. I have experimented by using extreme boost (-12 to -20 thresholds) and adjusting the release for minimum artifactts. I ended up with release in the 0.8 to 1.5 S region. I used these figures, with seemingly good success, to master with thresholds at -4 to -6. I would be very interested to hear of other takes on this.


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joe lambert Thu, 08/22/2002 - 08:38
Good question. I use an L2 sometimes and I start with the quickest release I can. It depends how hard you hit it and if you want to effect the sound or just get more level. I want to effect the sound as little as possible when I use it.

I also think if you hit it hard is suonds better a little slower. I like the sound of the L2 better than the L1 software.