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Laugh your ass off!

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A sucker born every day.

LOL!…"]Speaker tweak (get a load of this BS)[/]="…"]Speaker tweak (get a load of this BS)[/]


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audiowkstation Mon, 02/10/2003 - 19:06
It is called snake oil Alecio.

To mate a horn to a driver, you must have a phase plug. Very tight tolarances, very exact to work properly. Those are the equivalent of a paper cup connected to your speaker with a hole in the bottom.

Bullshit is it gets.

People that subscribe to that, deserve it.

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realdynamix Tue, 02/11/2003 - 12:55
:d: Now, why didn't I think of that, sorta like plastic hubcaps at wheels-Mart, you could really focus in on the bass with those things pointing at you.

They also make great RAM AIR intake ports for
your Holly 2br stock 64 Ford Galaxy, but you have to cut a hole through the hood.

The Moonsters will buy them up to add to their list of high end products. Then I'll think about it once it has a big name, after has to be good then...right?.