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mastering guidelines for suitability for radio broadcast

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Hi There, I was wondering if their is a mastering guideline manual for making sure my masters are suitable for radio broadcast. Someone told me if you use too much reverb that the radio stations wouldn't play them. Is this true? Is there a guide for radio broadcast suitability available for download somewhere?

(I am using Adobe audition 3, Sony Sound Forge 7, with Ozone 3)

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Link555 Mon, 07/28/2008 - 10:07
I think you will hear this alot on here, but....

Do not over limit or compress your mix. The radio station has a limiter on all the tracks. If you compress your mix to much it might actually distort when it goes through the radios limiters.

Pick up Bob Katz, mastering Audio, Book. Lots of stuff in there.