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Mastering Lingo Question

I was reading a mastering book and he described the some music as:

A. "there was no transient information"


B. "the sound was grainy and literally lifeless"

yet he said the music was very loud.

What do those two descriptions actually mean in terms of the process that created those characteristics.

I'm kinda lost as to the term grainy as it applies to music.



Michael Fossenkemper Sun, 05/20/2007 - 17:45
Transients are the spike of a sound and are the first things to get hit by limiters. In general when someone says there is no transient information, they generally mean that a limiter was over used and none are left. A compressor with a fast attack can also do the same thing. Drums usually suffer the most as they have a very big spike. So drums without transients sound kind of lifeless.