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mp3 to wav to CD - and no music


I just took a bunch of mp3 files, passed them through a freeware mp3-to-wav converter and burned them to CD, hoping to be able to play them on a CD player.

I used a Maxell CD-R music 80min/700mb. The default setting for transfer rate was "maximum" and that's how I left it.

The transfer to wav went fine, I was able to play the files off of my computer (G4 iMac), but when I popped the CD into the player it had only one track. Pressing play would get the counter going I cannot hear anything.

Am I doing something wrong ?



Member Mon, 11/07/2005 - 22:01
OK. Here's what I was doing wrong.
I did not use any software - I just dragged the wav files, on my desktop, from its folder into the CD icon "assuming" my Mac was smart enough to know all by itself.
Well - I guess it's not as smart as I gave it credit for.

I now opened all the mp3 files in iTunes - any encoding / decoding necessary, were done inside, without any input on my behalf. I just hit "burn to disk" et violla.
Works beautiful.

Once Reggie asked about the software I was using, that got me thinking . . .

Thanks a lot for your help everyone.


eoink Mon, 11/07/2005 - 13:18
Hey OJG,
To be honest I'm not sure. I don't think that's the case. I used to think the same but I had problems very similar to your own until I started burning the cds as specific audio cds. What I mean by this is that Nero gave the option of making a cd for audio or data/backup in later versions. A few years back, there was only the option of making a cd. Which cd burning software are you using? It could depend on the software or could be one of those pc/mac difference things! That reminds me, if you are just burning the cd are you sure you're finalizing the cd. If you are burning it as a wav/data cd the cd may not be automatically finalizing and unless you play it in cd recorder it may not read properly unfinalized. I hope this is of some help. Like I said, I'm fairly sure that wav files copied onto cds don't necessarily automatically become cd tracks but I'm not 110% certain. Anyone else care to shed some light on the issue?!

Reggie Mon, 11/07/2005 - 13:26
Last time I checked, most CD burning software (or at least Roxio) allows you to burn mp3's as normal audio onto an audio CD without any prior conversion. But no matter what your CD says on the pretty packaging, you have to choose in your burning software "audio" or "music" CD and not "data."
To confuse things further, in a computer you can make an audio CD out of either a music CD or a data CD. But in some consumer standalone burners, you have to use a music CD.
Don't know if that solves your problem though.

Member Mon, 11/07/2005 - 15:08
OJG wrote:

Am I doing something wrong ?




There could be 10 different things wrong. Give some relevant information, and folks here might be able to help. What programs, what were the steps you took, etc. Just "burned to CD" could mean lots of things.