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Hello everyone! We are an independent hard rock band duo with grunge and classic rock influence and heavy riffs known as Something Revolution and we just officially launched our band this month with our first single, "Almost Alright." We'd really appreciate any feedback on the mix or the song's content as I write the music and record, mix, and master all of our songs in our home studio. Everything was recorded separately.

I used (in order):
- URS Strip Pro set for light compression (at 1.4:1 with 1-2dB of compression in Tape15 mode) and 15ips preamp (+3dB at 142%)... it seemed to give it a really nice tape-like saturation
- Izotope Ozone 4 for EQ, multiband compression, and a touch of mastering reverb
- Voxengo Elephant for my limiter
-and BIAS reveal for my visual representation

I've had experience recording for the past 5 years but I consider this my most important project yet so I'd really appreciate anything that can help us. If you like it you can check us out on facebook/http://soundcloud.c…"]soundcloud[/]="http://soundcloud.c…"]soundcloud[/].



Listen to the song here:


Massive Mastering Thu, 03/15/2012 - 06:17

Keeping in mind that SoundCloud isn't exactly a stellar representation of SoundQuality, all I can say off the top of my head is (A) it sounds inherently over processed -- That said -- I have no idea what the original mix sounds like. And surprisingly, it doesn't have the typical earmarks of Ozone - which is a good thing.

(B) I'm going to have to guess that you're the guitarist...? -- THAT said -- there seems to be some odd (but somehow typical) phase issues with the rhythm guitars. I'd imagine they're going to --- Hold on, I don't have to imagine --- Listening to the mid and side components independently, the guitars pretty much disappear when summed. It's not necessarily "illegal" - It happens - But it's usually a symptom of a larger issue.

RemyRAD Fri, 03/16/2012 - 01:09

I listened to your example on sound cloud and thought it was pretty incredible and bitchin' sounding. I didn't find it overly processed but I did find it quite contemporary sounding. I thought it absolutely was a first-rate cool effort. I would've liked to have heard a slightly greater bit of emphasis on the vocal in the mix. I found it a bit too buried but still effective for your genre, nevertheless. Nothing sounds " WRONG ". The drums were awesome the bass guitar was good and the accompanying guitars were huge. They did lack a little bit of stereo time delay trickery for a bigger stereo sound but cool in spite of that. You definitely have a technique and you definitely have a professional sound. You're cooking this up just fine.

Don't over cook it.
Mx. Remy Ann David

somethingrevolution Mon, 03/19/2012 - 22:01

OK!!! So I really want to thank everyone tremendously for their input. I took the advice from people from 3 forums and have had much success (I believe!) with making this track killer. I feel that everyone seemed to get what I was going for and that really does help so I feel very fortunate to have such amazingly constructive criticism. I think many people described us better than we even could...

[INDENT=2][...side-note: we'd appreciate any input on how we should classify our music... like idk... what brand of rock would you call this???]

Furthermore I am beyond pleased to hear how many people truly dug this track... which is probably even more important than the recording of it. Nonetheless, I have updated the mix based on the feedback I've gotten as well as my own observations and have done the following to the mix:

-increased clarity with better EQ and compression techniques on all instruments
-added a touch more distortion to the bass
-SERIOUSLY cleaned up my drums... re-mixed/EQed the entire kit
-more defined complimentary EQ with the kick/bass
-added more low mids (not in the master but from re-EQing instruments)
-(hopefully) mixed the instruments better (I believe... idk you tell me lol)

Since I was told that "it doesn't have the typical earmarks of Ozone" (which I've been working on perfecting mastering Ozone for a while now... the key is to NOT overdo anything at all on it and NEVER use the presets... ever) ...I didn't do much to the master except for subtle EQ and compression threshold adjustments to compliment the new mix.


Listen to the new mix @ [=""]]="http://soundcloud.c…"][/url][MEDIA=soundcloud]somethingrevolution/almost-alright again and let me know what y'all think... oh, and follow us and/or comment on SoundCloud if you like :)

Again thank you all so so much.


listen to the old version to compare here[/[url=http://]: []]: [="http://soundcloud.c…"]Almost Alright(SC1) by somethingrevolution on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/]

RemyRAD Thu, 03/22/2012 - 12:38

I think your latest version is better but the low-end is not tight. It's nowhere near tight. It's boomy. In order to get the low-end titer, you actually have to utilize more high pass filtering or low-end cut in order to accentuate the tightness of the low-end. So that means high pass filtering those instruments that are particularly low-end heavy, bass guitar, bass drum. For improved tightness, you utilize noise gates on those particular drums along with that high pass filtering. Turning up the bass puts you in the land of Boomville. So it's a careful balancing act. That's why I love the British term for a mix engineer which is actually a "balance engineer". And it's that balance that you are currently having issues with due to improper conceptualized equalization usage. Tight means tight it doesn't mean boom. Tight actually denotes less bass not more. And that's how you tighten it up. It's not about the boom but about the bang. Splashin', Smashin', Smackin', Punchin', where a little Punch is worth a Pound of Sound. So it's not really going to Boomtown.

I think Boomtown was blown up?
Mx. Remy Ann David

wilsb8 Sun, 03/25/2012 - 01:36

I have to agree - the bass is really boomy and I also have to say the guitars and vocals are a bit "toppy" (a bit too much high-end) but that's just an aesthetic issue of mine.

If that's the way you like it - rock on!

Also, I'd go for more of dynamic range master. If the listener wants to hear loud, let them turn it up.

-4 to -6dB is a good level.

BushmasterM4 Mon, 04/02/2012 - 20:58

The tune is really "bitchin", I do have to agree with Ms. Rad. But it is really boomy and I do hear some phase issues, cymbals maybe ? I would really love a chance to get the individual tracks and mix it it for you. thumb PM me if interested. Or if your not up for that, then drop box a rendered wave of the tune without any bus processing and let some of us give it a "Mastering Touch" smoke