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Noise, Why?

I am new to recording, and woundering why there is a lot of noise in the CDs I'm playing around with.The music and mastering has already been done in other studios.I am just getting these CDs from friends,who give them to me to listen to and tell them what I think.I use the Mackie Hr824 monitors in my studio,and they seem to pick up a lot of noise in the 5Khz and 10khz areas.I use very narrow band widths and a lot of cut in the Eq and the noise is gone and the quality of the Cd is a hell of a lot better.

So is this a problem with the engineer leaving to much noise in, or did the person doing the mastering not go back after compression and do a proper job of EQing.Or is it fare to listen to these CDs on studio monitors that pick up a lot mistakes.

Thanks Charlie