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Possible to improve sound quality for on-hold audio (G.711)

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We produce message-on-hold programs featuring music and voiceovers. We used to always use external players that connected to phone systems using an RCA connector, and they sound great. Now, several of our new clients would like to use their phone system's built-in on-hold capabilities. This requires us to compress the production to a G.711 u-law (8kHz, 8bit, Mono) wav file, which of course does not sound good (in particular, we get a LOT of sibilance!).

Does anyone have any tips to offer on how we can tweak the file before compression so that it sounds good when compressed? Any EQ settings, plugins, or such that you would recommend we run?



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21 years

Member Tue, 03/18/2008 - 15:12
Unfortunately, it's more like "have to use," since some of these phone systems don't even have the RCA jack... believe it or not it's actually viewed as a "legacy" item...

Then there's the whole issue of telling their IT staff that their brand new Cisco phone server sounds terrible...