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Pre Mastering Levels?

Hello everyone this is my first post. Ive been reading around and love the site and information I am attaining.

I am using an Emu 1820M with a Studio Projects B3 mic.
I got 2 Rokit RP5's and getting a sub probably tomorrow.

I record my vocals in mono with levels peaking around -18dB
Which I know is good for headroom purposes.

I will put my beat in Track 1 of Adobe Audition 2.0 in stereo.

How hot should the levels of the "Beat" be? Around the same as the vocals?

Im tryna get good levels while haveing a good mix as far as the volume of the beat in relation to my vocals, yet still have good headroom for mastering.

I record at 24bits. 44.1kHz

Im sure its evident that my genre is R&B/Club/Rap


Cucco Tue, 01/23/2007 - 05:47
Michael Fossenkemper wrote: digital black would be nothing. he probably means bringing up the noise floor.

Yeah...technically digital black is 0000000000000000 (or add 00000000 in 24 bit) and therefore is nothing. I do mean the digital noise floor - which is hiding in digital black (or just above digital black) until printed. Then of course, by raising the amplitude of the mix 20 dB or so (especially with a 16 bit file where digital noise occurs at -96dBFS or higher depending upon dither) definitely brings that noise to a quite audible level.

Obviously if mixing and mastering at 24 bit, a 20 dB increase won't kill bring the digital noise to an audible level (unless you're listening at insane levels) BUT....the file is automatically truncated (or downgraded - no bit truncation actually occuring) to 16 bit noise levels without even adding dither yet.

In rock or pop, this really isn't much of a problem. In classical, jazz or even some country, it's a problem.