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Prepping for Mastering

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I'm completing a music project that will be mastered here in Philly at Masterworks. I have a meeting with the mastering engineer on July 9th to discuss the project and listen to a few roughs before going to final mix tweaking. What kind of prep work should I do? What kind of questions should I be thinking of asking? What can I do at this stage to help the success of the project?

Of course I'll be asking all these questions at my meeting with the mastering engineer but I thought I'd get a step up on the process by asking the pros here at RO.



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joe lambert Tue, 07/02/2002 - 09:03
I don't think you have that many questions to worry about. 1 is what format is best for you to bring in. He will have questions for you.You can ask what kind of gear they use. Do they use all digital, do they have an anolog console, what kind of DAW.

Have all your tapes/files orginized. Let them know what format your mixes are on before you get there. Know before you go what sequence you want. Maybe bring a CD you like and listen to it in the room to get a feel on what the rooms sounds like.

Have fun