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ROMP Mastering Chains

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Hey All,

I just finished working on the ROMP tune and I thought
I'd start a thread on the Gear/Procedures that
each engineer used to complete the project...

Unfortunately, since I don't use a DAW,
I couldn't really take advantage of the 24bit mixes
(too bad there wasn't a CD24 mix for the Masterlink users)...

First, I played the 16bit mix through my Finalizer
(w/no dither) to convert to Analog while boosting
the overall level a little for the next stage...

Then, I went thru the FATSO for just a dusting of
Saturation, Warmth and Tranny (I used no Compression here)...

Next, thru the Avalon 747's Valve Circuit and
Compressor (2.5:1, long attack, quick release,
threshold set for just a couple of dB gain reduction...
Then thru the 747's graphic EQ to slightly dip the
lower-mids and to add some high air...

Finally since I'm borrowing a friend's
Apogee Rosetta, I ran the mix thru it for
the UV22HR and the Soft Limit...

Resulting in a mastered mix that is powerful
and robust, without being squished to death... ;)

Then into the Masterlink to burn a Redbook CD...