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Should I get my cd mastered?

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I know mastering really does make a difference but im on a budget and I think my mixes sound pretty good. But...if it really would make it sound THAT much better then I would want to get it done. But I want to know if it is worth it. Since I know everyone here is a pro at what they do and I trust your skills here is the link to a .wav of a solid mix from my album. I don't mean ask alot but if someone here could master 30 seconds or so just so I know what it would really sound like I would greatly appreciate it. And if it does truly sound much better we can work something out and I can pay you to master my whole album.

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multoc Thu, 05/01/2008 - 14:33
Okay so your mix needs a little work, your vocals are about 3 dB too loud, need some de-essing and those strings i would take some of the bass off it....other than that the mix is okay, also if you have a compressor on the end of the mix i would take that off so the mastering engineers have something to work with. other than that get it mastered it can't hurt, it can help things sound better it just depends on what u want to your lyrics are funny tho....2 live crew is back!