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Sontec 250ex parametric EQ

Can I master with the Sontec 250ex parametric eq?


anonymous Thu, 02/03/2005 - 09:46

The Sontec's are fantastic sounding boxes - you'd probably be able to get a lot of mileage out of it. I think the 430 was a bit nicer than the 250 though. I'd ask to let the seller let you demo it out to make sure it's in good shape. Main thing is that the Sontec's use an op amp that is impossible to source now so if that part goes south you're s.o.l. unless you can find one by a miracle.

fwiw - I was comparing a 250 with an Amek Medici which were being sold by the same place and ended up going with the Medici because it sounded smoother to me - especially in the mids. It's possible that the 250 wasn't in the best shape though so that might have possibly made a difference in my decision so - ymmv

Best regards,
Steve Berson

anonymous Thu, 02/03/2005 - 22:53

Vintage King really offer fantastic service - definitely a highly recommended place to get gear from. Not many Medici's around - I think Howie Weinberg and myself are really the only mastering guys in NYC with ones in our racks. Personally I think it's Rupert's most under rated design. Definitely not the easiest box to do recalls with as not everything is detented - but there's a definite sound to it and some really flexible color options that make it really appealing for most material I work on. You can get really surgical with it need be and even doing things like cranking the mids for miles still sounds smooth on it. Plus you can add that patented Neve "sheen" too if ya wanna :D . One thing that is both a positive and a negative - the low end on it to me is a little more "pillowy" than "hard edged" so it's good to have another eq that can get the thud to smack you in the face instead of just rubbing up to ya.

Henrik would hate the Medici though because I think there are a couple of IC's somewhere in it :o :P
Don't matter to me - the thing sounds good.

Still - there's a lot of great options available now - i.e. you might want to check out the IBIS. GML 8200 can get you pretty damn far too. ahhh - if only I had as much money as I had empty rack spaces.

Anyway - good luck with the Sontec - they really are nice boxes and if VK is where you're looking to get one from I know those guys will not sell you a lemon - they really do take care of their customers.

Best regards,
Steve Berson



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