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Sontec 430?

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Hi guys!

Have you tried the Sontec 430 EQ?
I see a lot of mastering engineers that use it and says that it's the best(but for what?), does it have more color than the Maselec EQ?

What is it that the ME's like so much about it?

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Don Grossinger Tue, 02/10/2004 - 09:12
I think that before Avalon, Milenium Media, GML, etc, existed, there was the Sontec. It had detents for settings so it is repeatable, had nice curves for "Q", was quiet, basicallly did the job. I first worked with one (actually 2 Sontecs so the next setup could be prepared in real time for the next band) about 22 years ago. It remains a good basic piece of professional gear. I never had a problem with reliability, but those situations may have surfaced more recently.

I EQed many projects on those in 3 different studios. I would gladly work with one again, so, as with Michael, I'll take any discards out there.
There are just more choices now.

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Gold Thu, 02/12/2004 - 07:38
I use the Maselec. It seems to elicit a love it or hate it response. I have settled on describing it as boring. It is very clean and neutral.

I haven't used a Sontec on a daily basis but I have played with them. They are more colored but in a very nice way. They are very clean also. They have a little more bite and punch.