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TC Dynamic EQ--How does it sound?

This seems like an ideal tool to me for sound shaping. Has anyone used it who can attest to how it sounds? (I can't demo it because my Powercore is the old PCI version.) Thanks.



Pro Audio Guest Thu, 07/06/2006 - 20:07
Thanks for the feedback both of you. Of course Dynamic EQ does have linear phase mode, so I suppose if you could afford the processing power that would be a solution to the phase thing, right?

Also, I have in my head that the Dynamic EQ is different from a multiband compressor in that there's not the attack/release thing going on so much, but actually it may be, since those parameters are on there. What's the real difference then between this and a multiband?

I appreciate any thoughts.


Michael Fossenkemper Fri, 07/07/2006 - 05:21
if you have all of the parameters of a multiband, then there is not much difference. they are baisically doing the same thing. It's more in your approach to them that is different. they way you approach eq is different than the way you approach compression in your mind, even if they are pretty much doing the same thing, the result would differ because you approach it differently.

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 07/05/2006 - 18:58
i love the dynamic EQ.. i think dynamic EQs are indespensible tools.. i don't need it very often, but when i do it's great.

i often think of multiband compressors as simply a dynamic EQ... which is why i don't really use MB compressors.. because i have the PoCo dynamic EQ...

however, i only ever really use it for a single band.. which i think is safer.. as i avoid (at least, i think i do!) any phase problems between multiple bands. so i can't really comment on how it sounds as a multiband.. but for single band i think it does it's job very well.. and for those times a dynamic EQ is needed i really love having it around.