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Tom Petty's "the Last DJ"

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Anybody listen to this puppy? My first impression was: "too loud!", so I taped it and listened to it a few times. Brilliant record with a great concept throughout. The sound is still bugging me though. I'm playing the CD right now and I hate thinking about the technical side of it. I just can't help it, though. Am I being paranoid or over-sensitive? Tell me I'm crazy! Tell me it sounds good! We want you big brother! Just kidding. I do think I'm becoming kind of an "audio-snob" in this department, though. If anyone can explain why the sound is bugging me, I would really appreciate it. Considering some of the subject matter of the record, it would be really ironic if the problem was some hack coporate-mastering job. Hee-hee. aaaghhh
Beau Landry