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which dither to use L2 or sonic solutions?

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I recently purchased the L2 to use in conjunction with my finalizer plus and sonic solutions.
Before i got the L2 i would always dither 24 bit sources to 16 with sonic solutions, but the L2 says it's dither will make the 16 bit sound more like 19.
So should I dither with the L2 and load the sound files in at 16, or load them in at 24 and dither with the sonic. Most of my stuff is hard rock, if this helps.

jason livermore
the blasting room
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joe lambert Tue, 02/12/2002 - 10:18
We have run some extensive listening tests with the different types of dither you mentioned as well as a few others. We found from our tests the SBM2 which is available in Sonic Solutions sounded the best. It was a noticable difference.

I also recommend you go into your workstation at 24bit then do your dither on the output. The only time I will load anything at 16bit is if its a soundfile straight off a mastered CD and I'm just going to re sequence, edit.. and then create a new master.

Joe Lambert