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Which PLEXTOR CD-drive for mastering studio?

Hi all,
I need a suggestion which type of PLEXTOR CD-drive is optimal for mastering studio.
I've been resolved to PX-716UF, but (is said) it is ending type yet and I'm not sure what else to buy.
Thanks for any opinion.


Reggie Mon, 09/25/2006 - 20:01
Massive Mastering wrote: Yes and no - The 716 runs PTPro - The 760 does not.

Currently, there's really only one choice if those are the features you want.

And if you're creating production masters, those are features you *need* to have.

Then mine is defective!? :? It runs PToolsPro like a champ.
Seriously; might as well pay a few more bucks and be able to burn DVDs too.

Massive Mastering Tue, 09/26/2006 - 16:00
Hmmm... My aplogies - Plextor told me that the 716 was the only one left that allowed for C1/C2 checks. It wouldn't be the first time they didn't exactly have the facts straight...

If this isn't the case, I might order a half dozen myself... I only have one spare drive left - And it's a 712...

The Q-Check is fully functional for BLER and all? Jitter & focus & yada, yada?

Reggie Wed, 09/27/2006 - 06:44
Oh, I didn't even realize they were doing a Plexwriter#2. Seems a little expensive for just a CD burner, especially when you can get the DVD one for about the same $$$.

I also found this in a thread on Cdfreaks:
On one hand it seems that my Premium 2 does focus slightly worse on the disc surfaces than my Premium does. On the other hand the Premium 2 sometimes seems to have a slight advantage in Tracking. Overall they are rather close together which we can take as an indication that the laser unit used in the Premium 2 is nothing revolutionary new. Any difference in favour of the Premium is small enough to be attributed to a more mature servo driving algorythm in the firmware. After all we must not forget that the Premium is a mature product while the Premium 2 is still in it's infancy (a fact that will surely also show clearly in further testing).

In comparison the laser unit of the PX-760 with it's "advanced intelligent tilt" capability shows a marked improvement, while a PX-716 would show about the same results as the Premium and Premium 2 (for results of the 716 see the generic CD-scans thread: ).

nacron wrote: Reggie, kind regards to Simpsons!
haha, thanks!