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Head mic for church?

Our minister would like a head mic. We have wireless lavaliers, but he's a pretty active fella' and the lavalier often doesn't work real well for him. We have AT wireless gear. Would like to find a head mic that is fairly discrete (not the infomercial look), is easy on and off, and stays put without tape. The church is small (as is our budget) and he projects well, so sound quality is secondary. Don't need to go cheap as I appreciate good gear, but there is a lot of direct in the room and the speakers help - they aren't the primary sound source. We do record, but it ends up on low bitrate podcasts.



dvdhawk Mon, 04/02/2012 - 17:52
The Countrymans are great (the E2 and E6 series in particular), but may be beyond what you want to spend being between $335 - $410 for the AT compatible versions. They're a single earset design, the trick to keep this style of mic in place is bending it to fit snugly around the ear and using the supplied alligator clip on the collar to keep the weight of the cord from pulling down on the mic.

There are similar looking mics that are less expensive, many of them are completely useless. The least expensive one I've heard with passable audio is the [[url=http://[/URL]="http://elitecoreaud…"]HS-09[/]="http://elitecoreaud…"]HS-09[/] weighing in at about $170.




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