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Help with vintage mic,Telefunken - SABA - AKG D77 gain and hiss

Hello from Spain. I'm new in this forum and a newbie into recording,

I'm starting to record using my Mac, Logic and Roland Quad Capture. Mainly I record electric guitars signal and midi stream. I have not used microphones before but USB mics.

Now I'm trying to use a vintage stereo microphone (Telefunken - SABA - AKG D77) from a tube reel-to-reel recorder from the 60's. It has a 5pin DIN connector that I have split into two TSR mono connectors (not balanced). (The mic is identical to this one

Plugging this TSR connectors into the interface (Quad Capture) I get a nice tone for male vocals and for recording guitar amps. But I need to set the gain knobs to the max and then a hiss noise from the interface appears. I'm pretty sure that the noise is from the interface and not from the microphones 'cause it doesn't change when I plug or unplug the connectors. I think it is a normal noise when setting gain to max.

I hope I can adapt these vintage mics. They work fine with the vintage tape recorder, so I think it is only a problem of adapting the signal.

I have found info about cheap mic preamps, do you think that is what I need to remove the hiss raising the signal level?

Thanks in advance,