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Micing a 9' Steinway Grand

Can anyone give me some hints on the best Micing techniques for a grand piano? I have two SM57s and two SM58s at my disposal for this purpose. The show in question is in a 365 seat auditorium and will feature a vocalist with piano accompaniment. Thanks!


Richard Kuschel Tue, 03/12/2002 - 05:17
You haven't said what you are trying to accomplish by miking the piano and singer.

If this is classical work, put a pair of microphones in a coincident or near coincident arrangement about 6 feet in front of the singer and about two feet above the singer's head. ;) .

You will soon find that the 57's and 58's aren't really the best choice for this, and you will be looking for a pair of decent condensors.(In the Shure line, look at SM91's)

If this is for pop work, then close mic the piano with the 58's with the grille removed and use a 57 on the singer. ;)


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