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Microphone not working

Hello I have this issue, one day I was talking with my friends on discord everything was cool, other day I switched from headphones to speakers because at that moment I did not needed my headphones, but later that day I switched again from speakers to headphones and my microphone wasn't working... It doesn't detect my voice for some reason but there is some buzzing sound.. I tried everything I even tried to reset my pc but that didn't work... I'm adding some sounds from my microphone:…


Boswell Thu, 04/01/2021 - 04:50

Hi - tell us more about the microphone you are using and how it connects to the computer.

If the microphone plugs into a 3.5mm jack on your computer, check that you have plugged it back into the jack you had it plugged into before. If that is correct, run the application on the PC that allows you to tell it what it plugged into each jack, and check that "microphone" is selected for the jack you are using. Selecting the microphone setting switches on the voltage that is needed to power your microphone. I can't be more specific about the application, since it will be one that is supplied by the PC motherboard manufacturer, so will be different for different types of computer.

Boswell Thu, 04/01/2021 - 09:11

The topmost jack (the one furthest away from the S/PDIF connector) on the Xonar DGX board is for audio input, either line level or microphone. Check that you are using this for your microphone. Does your splitter convert a 4-pole plug into a pair of 2/3 pole plugs?

The DGX manual says you have to "See the 'Mixer' section of the driver guide" for selecting what type of signal source you are connecting into that input. I can't find the driver guide for that card, but you may have one from when you installed it. A likely possibility is that, when you unplugged the microphone, the board reset itself as for a line input, so the microphone power output would be turned off.



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