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Mid-budget mics for acoustic roots music?

Hi folks,

I'm looking for recommendations on condenser mics to record mostly solo, roots music in a home studio. I'll be recording some very nice vintage acoustic guitars, and occasionally open-back banjo, mandolin, lap dulcimer, fiddle, etc. I also want to record my voice (fairly strong and resonant baritone).

I am looking for a natural and warm sound, with minimal processing and EQ. I don't want to have the guitars sound slick and "modern," like a Taylor (I'm not dissing Taylors, but it's a different sound). I also am not concerned with the ability to cut through a mix, as most of this will be solo (voice and instrument), with the occasional overdub of two instrumental parts.

I'll be recording through a Phonic Helix Firewire mixer at 24/96.

The style is old-time, hillbilly, country blues, folk. Think Norman Blake, Doc Watson, Mike Seeger, Jody Stecher, and the like (if that helps).

For vocals, I want a warm and natural sounding LD in the $100-300 range. I'm considering the AT3035 and the MXL V6 (the one that's supposed to sound like a tube mic, without the hassles).

For the guitars and other instruments, I'd like a matched pair so I can track in stereo. Price range $200-400. I'm thinking about the RODE NT5s.

All suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!



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