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This might sound like a silly question (as i know Neumann mics are legendary microphones), but I am looking to buy a new mic for my studio. I have tried the RODE K2 and I really liked the sound of it on vocals, it sounded a much warmer than my SE electronics mic. But I don't know weather i should buy this mic, or save up a bit more and get a Neumann TLM 103 (which i haven't tried before, and I'm just relying on the name and reputation). I want a mic that doesn't sound thin, the RODE K2 didn't, but Im not experienced enough to know weather its the valves that do this to the sound or weather its just a better quality mic than mine.

Basically I don't want to find that I save up and buy a Neumann mic and because its just a condenser (with no valves in it) find that it still has the same similar thin sound as my cheap SE mic.

I am looking for a mic that sounds good on vocals but also can help give me a good powerful big sound on guitar amps (if that is possible).

is it a Valve mic i need or would the Neumann achieve what i am looking for?


Kev Sat, 12/27/2008 - 12:49

Davedog wrote: I have owned a pair of KM84's. Dont ask why I dont anymore. ......I miss them a LOT more than that particular ex-wife. :shock: :!:


I've often said that it is the equipment you miss ...
that is the equipment worth RE-obtaining

KM84s would be on that list

back on topic
The K2 is good but if you can ... go for the 103
but you need to check them against your voice

song4gabriel Thu, 01/08/2009 - 22:33

i have a k2 and i love it. i am a verdi baritone (er- kinda like bowie/bono/morrisey).

i havent tried the tlm but i did try a u47 and found the k2 to be better for my vox. i find it very velvety. i run it through a vintech x73 (neve 1073 clone). it also seems to really grab hold of my midrange when i sing loud and expressive



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