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Not happy with my RODE NT1-A

I tried it with all my pres and it seems to sound better with the Summit 2BA-221 over the UA LA 610 and Great River.

Not that I have a good singing voice, but the other pres don't seem to like the RODE.

Opinions on a better for me mic?

Any experience with Studio Projects mics?

I need more of a punchy sound with some balls. It seems that I have to add so much compression after the recording. It makes my voice sound dull and lifeless. I have more of a natural lower resonance that the mic does not pic up at all.

I might just have to keep on working with it.

Any advice?

It could be the room too.


anonymous Mon, 01/07/2008 - 19:08

I tried both.

I use the Roland VS 2400 which has a compressor in it. Without that compressor the vocals are just nothing, so I may just end up recording with it.

I even tried the compressor in the LA 610 and a DBX 166. It seems like the VS 2400 does not want to see a compressed signal.

I just have to keep working with it.