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Oktava mics for grand piano?

I mainly record classical chamber music (recitals in theatres and auditorium with very good acoustics) and I'm very proud of the results: by now I used a Neumann km183 spaced pair in A-B recording technique through a MOTU Traveler (preamp, AD converter and audio card all in a box) connected to an Apple powerbook (recording at 48KHz 24 bit).
I'm also a professional pianist and usually record my piano recitals using the above configuration: the problem is that in churchs often the acoustic is too reverberant, and so I plan to add some cardioids for close-miking.
Initially I considered Neumann KM184 stereo pair, but I've read opposite reviews, and by now I'm switching toward Oktava mics, mainly MK-012 stereo set or MK-011 stereo set or MK-319 stereo set (and this with eventual modification).
What do you choose for close or semi-close classical grand piano miking, guys? Are there other options to consider?
Let me know your opinions.



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