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Patching Mic lines?

I've gotten some new preamps, and I'm worndering how best to set things up for convenience.
I have a 24 channel snake from the studio to the control room. My console's XLR inpts are hardwired to the on board pres, and separate multipin cables feed the 2 line inputs on each channel.
What I'd like to be able to do is patch the mic line to either the console preamp or an outboard pre as necessary.

Is it safe to terminate the snake from the studio into a TRS patchbay? I worry that at some point I'll forget to kill the 48v supply and it seems like a TRS cable will momentarily short, or apply 48v across the tip and ring (in effect de-phantomizing the phantom power).
SO, the question is: is it OK to do this, or must I patch with XLRs


knightfly Wed, 02/20/2002 - 10:00

Larry, Geronimo - One possible explanation why people "get away with" using phantom on TT bays - If you look at a TT plug alongside a 1/4" TRS plug, you will notice that they are not just "me and mini-me" the TT plug tip is noticeably smaller in diameter than the rest of the plug, where the tip, ring and sleeve of the TRS are all nearly identical diameter. If the TT bay has no "ring" contacts that are bent in too close to center, it is possible that inserting a TT plug never causes the "ring" contact to touch the tip of the plug. I haven't measured this electrically yet, but that could explain why a TT bay wired for mics with phantom "gets away with it" and a TRS one couldn't. Just a thought... Steve

anonymous Thu, 02/21/2002 - 08:12

Interesting theory. Thanks.

BTW the Hosa XLR patchbays arrived today, and they look fine, I mean they seem to be well made. The connectors are screw mounted, so I you needed to invert the male/female it's readily done. The cable is at least 22 ga and the soldering looks to be fine. I think they'll do fine for me. I've not really been able to hear cable anyhow.




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