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SP C4s, or B3s, or RODE NT4?

Hey guys which one of these mics in your opinion is more versatile? Obviously the B3 has more patterns but how is the sound? Good for drum room, or overheads?Are C4s good for capturing room? Is the Nt4 exceptionally good for overheads? These questions are confusing me.Help! I need a pair of cheap good mics.(I have a pair of C1s) Thanks :w:


Doublehelix Sat, 09/27/2003 - 09:09
Yeah. the NT5's give you much more versatility vs. the NT4. I use my NT5's quite a bit as overheads (not as nice as AKG 414's, but...). I tried them once as an x/y overhead pair, and I did not like them in that configuration as overheads. Now I do use them quite a bit as an x/y coincident pair on acoustic guitar, and I do like them paired that way for the guitar.

As overheads though, I have not found the x/y setup to my liking...YMMV.

anonymous Sat, 09/27/2003 - 10:08
Originally posted by Richie Monroe:
I use the C-4's and love them. I would advise not getting a NT-4. For less money, you can get a pair of NT-5's. The NT-4 is a fixed X-Y stereo mic. A separate pair of SD mics is much more versatile. Of the mics you listed, I believe the C-4's would complement your C-1's best.-Richie
I agree. A pair of small diaphragm condenser mics to go with your pair of C1´s will probably suit you better. I have a C1, an NT3, a pair of Line Audio CM2´s and a pair of C4´s. The small diaphram mics get more use than the bigger mic. I sold off my NT1000 pair to get the C4´s and I don´t regret it at all.


Doublehelix Sun, 09/28/2003 - 12:19
I borrowed a pair of AKG 414ULS's last night to use as overheads on a tracking session...oh my goodess!!! Sweetness! These things are absolutely SICK!!! They sound so much better than my NT5's, I cannot believe the difference!

Rub the lamp and repeat after me:

I need a pair...I need a pair...I need a pair!!! :)

Davedog Wed, 10/08/2003 - 13:10
The C4's are a decent sounding SD mic...The B3's which everyone seems to not be commenting on are much smoother and can be used a number of things.Since you already bought a pair of the MK012's then the B3's make a lot more sense as having a pair of LD's with different patterns can help you nail sounds in a difficult room or on a difficult source a lot easier.When I bought a B3 I tried several SP mics including a C1,C3,TB3,and the B1...for some reason the B3 sounded better to my ear than all of them.Although the TB3 was quite good too.I didnt like the C1 at all,nor the B1,and the C3 seemed a bit sibilant with a pronounced low...kinda scooped.The B3 I bought exhibited none of these traits......go figure.I heard the C4's yesterday.They are okay and usable.But then I heard them compared with vintage 451L and 460's.And of course an ADK SC-1.The C4 seemed a bit tighter on the pattern than the ADK,the bottom was a bit muddier than the 460,and the highs werent as crisp as the 451L(what is ??!!)But very usable....These are the very reasons as AE's we should all experiment test tweek fool around as much as possible to learn the highs and lows of every piece of gear we each have.Theres only a few pieces that you can simply plug in and go ahhhhhhhhh!

Richard Monroe Wed, 10/08/2003 - 20:57
Don't feel bad, Mundox. The C-4's and the Oktvas are very different mics that complement each other very well. I find the Oktavas darker and more colored, very good for rock/blues/R&B overheads. The C-4's see duty as overheads on jazz/country. I prefer the C-4's on acoustic guitar, especially classical or nylon strung harp.
Both have been used on strings with success. I've got one singer that sounds pretty damn good singing through the Oktava, but I have yet to hear anybody that sounds good using a C-4 as a vocal mic.-Richie




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