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Take me mic shopping

I've got a pair of AKG 3000B's that I will only use for drum room mics. I don't know why I never thought to sell them and get a pair that I can use for more. What is a pair of mics I can get in the sub $500 each range. I thought about a pair of SP C3's, but I already have a C1. Also I was thinking I may like something a bit less hyped on top, but I'm not ruling them out either.


anonymous Thu, 07/24/2003 - 02:42

Maybe a pair of Neumann KM184s, although I'm not too sure if you could get them for less than $500 each? They are small diaphragm condensers which will be better than your C3000s as drum overheads, and will also be good for all types of acoustic sounds including guitars, pianos, as well as brass, strings, etc.



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