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Two mics, different types different distances from guitar... how to check and avoid phase issues?

Been experimenting with using two mics on my acoustic - an SM57 (dynamic), and a single RODE M5 (a condenser). I generally blend these (with the 57 doing most of the work) but the RODE still contributing.

The 57 is generally up pretty close -anywhere from 8 to 12 inches, and the RODE is about twice that distance back... As I play around with this, is there a way to check for phase issues in the DAW ? Up to now I've been just moving them around until I find something that sounds good -- I play with the blend -- then I toggle the track to mono to see how it sounds there --- Not entirely sure how obvious phase issues will be. How paranoid about phase should I be?

Also - Is phase more a concern when using multiples of the same mics in a close mic scenario? Like am I generally gonna be okay with any random forward/backward placement here or are all the checks I'm doing necessary.

Many thanks