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A couple a bit different

I thought I'd share these - not the kind of music we normally do.

Both a bit weird!


paulears Thu, 05/27/2021 - 12:57

Be careful - there are two possible outcomes. Easiest is you try it and give up after ten minutes, or ........ you get hooked.


Download a piece of software called mandenbulb3D - it's totally free - no catches. In maths class in school, did you cover the Mandelbrot set? Essentially the programme lets you pick formulas, and then you can see the 'world' your input creates. You can then move the virtual camera in and out and go in any direction. You can create colours and add your own lighting, fog, reflections and even camera lens depth of field. You can even put it into animation mode and set a movement between each frame. I set mine to do a three minute animation - in 1920 x 1080 HD format and it took three weeks!

 If you google you will also find a group called deviant art where people share their formulas - so you can load them in, and then modify them by changing the parameters in the formulas or swapping formulas. It will take a while to learn, but some of the results can be stunning.