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AMEK galileo insert points


i've just started working on the "in-line" AMEK galileo and i'm having some trouble with the insert points. .

there's quite obviously insert in buttons for both the monitor and channel paths. i've pushed them. :)

basically, the signal's cutting out, possibly around the insert return. i can see meters on the compressor! i've tried both the monitor and channel inserts and get the same thing.

uhhhh. hummmmmmm.

seems like a totally obvious thing, but. .?

thanks for any help!


moonbaby Tue, 03/28/2006 - 15:59
Well, I guess this is a dumb question, but, did you try reversing the cables? I used to work in a studio with an Angela. Everytime I went to wire something up at the bay, it was bass-ackwards from every other make! You "see" the meters on the box? Which mode are they set (Input?GR?)...Clue us in, Trix!

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 03/29/2006 - 00:45
yes, i actually did reverse the insert send and return points. and i have changed my leads too. believe it or not, the ins and outs for the racks on the silly patchbay the galileo has ARE backwards. humph. :) but the signal meters on GR, and i can clearly see changes in metering when i twist the ol' dials. but as soon as i patch into the insert return, the signal goes away. a bit concerning when i have to record tomorrow.......