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AMEK Mozart

hi guys...

Been offered USD 17,200 for a used AMEK Mozart.. Is it a good deal?



moonbaby Tue, 05/08/2007 - 08:15
That is a fairly rare bird in most parts of the world. Parts for an exotic analog board like that are not easy to come by. Like Sheet said, there are several ways Amek could have configured the desk. Plus, there all sorts of mods that may have been done along the way, good or bad. These Ameks ( I had an Angela and mixed on a Hendrix and a Mozart) are great until they get a bit older, when niggling things like switches, indicators/lamps, and connectors start to go bad. As I recall, the internal ribbon cables are prone to defects from time and environmental issues.
Parts and service for these can be a big problem, depending on your region of the world. Are you in London or Nashville? Probably OK. Are you in Tel Aviv or Buenos Aires? Probably not OK...Some of the PM/SSM chips they used are still available, some aren't.
Does this board have 'SuperTrue' automation? Do they include the PC and any spare parts for THAT? Does it have 'Virtual Dynamics'? There's another PC to deal with. And remember that Harmon dropped this company, what a year or 2 ago? Be very careful...