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Antares Mic Modeler

Does anyone know if this software really works?...I have an SM58...if I get this software, will I be able to replicate the mic quality of a mid-range condenser mic?...or am i better off just buying a condenser mic?...obviously, am operating on a tight budget since I'm just starting out (as you can tell from my incumbent microphone).


MisterBlue Mon, 08/04/2003 - 08:55
It will not make your SM58 sound like a Neumann U87, that's for sure. If you have a pretty good condenser mic the processor will make it sound different, somewhat more like the modeled mics but it will not be the same as using the actual microphone.

I would invest the money in a good quality condenser mic (e.g. Rode or AT) rather than the mic emulator.


vinniesrs Mon, 08/18/2003 - 08:59
For $300 you can buy a decent condenser which will sound miles ahead of your 58. Your mic modeler cannot change the sensitivity of the mic, only the sound characteristic. Virtually any condenser mic will show up a 58 when it comes to detail. A condenser will give a presence to a sound that you cannot achieve with a dynamic.
Dynamic mics will stand up to louder noises better. Cheaper condensers will crap out a lower spl (sound pressure level) than a more expensive one.

Make it simple. For get about the modeler. It is a tech equivalent to an asian elvis impersinator. It acts like elvis, it kinda sounds like elvis, but in the end you're not fooling anyone.

Spend your money on mics. Buy good mics. Buy them once. Make good music.