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Anyone have an opinion about.

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I'm looking at buying either an Allen&Heath GL2200 or a Soundcraft K1. Does anyone have an opinion about which they prefer? They both have very similar channle features. The main diference is in the master section from what I can tell. Any thoughts on which preamps are better or anything else for that matter?


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21 years 2 months

Pro Audio Guest Mon, 05/05/2003 - 12:33
Oh, there is ALOT more than the difference in the master section. The A&H sucks and the K1 does not. This is harsh I know, but here is what is better on the K1.

Construction. The K1 is a bit more heavy duty. The pots, faders, metal work is all heavier duty.
Preamps. The K1 pres are very good for a console in that pricerange.
Noise. The Soundcraft is quieter. It has less cross-talk.
Gain. The Soundcraft's gain stage and mixing bus system is much better.
EQ: The A&H eq is good for a Mackie type console, but the K1 does have a warmer, more musical sound to it.
Heat: The Soundcraft has an external power supply, and thus needs no fan, and doesn't run hot like the GL2200.

I sell A&H and quality control was a BIG issue. I can tell you that there was a time when the power supplies were shipped not working, and the next day, a new power supply would show up for us to replace. Bull crap. who the largest distributor is in the midwest, and they will. That seemed to go away. But still, I will never sell a B stock A&H console, like I would a Soundcraft.

I can sell you a A&H GL2200-32 channel console for $2400. Street price is like $2800-2900.