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Ashly PQ66 Parametric EQ

Anyone familiar w/ this goliath? Made in late-80s/early-90s. It's a 3U space 4-band stereo (dual mono or link-able stereo) parametric, but I can't find any specs about it on the web. I know Ashly was an early pioneer of parametric EQ. Is this sucker tube? Transformer? Gerbil on a wheel (it's big enough to house a whole family of wheel-running rodents)?


anonymous Sat, 06/14/2003 - 13:54


i have a pq-66. it's not tube for sure. it sounds really good, though. i picked it up off ebay because i heard they were good for the money. i love it. i too had problems finding anything about it. there's a little bit of technical info on ashly's webpage in the "retired products" section, but that's all i can find. hope that helps...




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