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Augh! My spider is whistling at 14.386kHz!

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Finally got my new spider up and running, buuuut...

There's a whistle at exactly 14,386Hz coming from the digital (and analog!) 2-bus that is killing my ears! It's not loud, in fact it's buried somewhat by the unit's inherent noise. But it's still piercing! Is there anyone out there that's used this unit and had this problem before?

Here's a sample of the noise:
http://www.metrocas…"]Spider Noise Sample[/]="http://www.metrocas…"]Spider Noise Sample[/]

It isn't on ANY of the other outputs. Just the 2-bus. Hellllllp!


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19 years 9 months

Mercuri Thu, 07/04/2002 - 21:24
Well, Dave Hill fixed it up good, so now my studio is dead silent... I had the exact same problem with my Yamaha Motif, except is was really weird. Every time I'd load samples into memory, the power supply would whistle at around 12,000Hz. (Owwwww!!!!! :confused: Troubleshoot - unplug everything and plug stuff back in one at a time, turning stuff on and off as you go. Lemme know if you find the culprit.

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knightfly Fri, 07/05/2002 - 08:29
Mercuri, since LD is about the same age as I am, you may have missed the point that NOTHING IS TURNED ON - can you say "Tinnitus"? Justa a hunch that's what LD was referring to. Or, maybe it's just those damn space aliens broadcasting propaganda to a resonant tooth filling... Steve

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Mercuri Fri, 07/05/2002 - 12:56
Ahhhhh... Got it.

I was wondering why he didn't think of troubleshooting it himself. :roll:

Yeah, that's why I've never been chosen as part of a live audience for sitcoms, etc. I wouldn't laugh when everyone else did, and I'd be the only dork guffawing his butt off when it's least appropriate.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

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archived member Mon, 08/12/2002 - 04:40

I just got one also. It made that sound, and the problem was the output cables I was using. Good to hear yours is fixed!

Anyway... Mercuri, is your studio a pro one? Tell me more about how you use the spider. It's a fascinating unit, and feels like maybe a bit much to chew on right now. Can you PE me with some experiences you've had with it?


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audiowkstation Mon, 08/12/2002 - 13:58
Yes...the T word.. All of us oldschoolers have it in some certain form, especially doing FOH for years :)

The coolest thing is when one side (ear /brain) decides to let out a tone about 9K at about 75dB (loud at 9K) and does the most beautiful fade you ever heard after 45 seconds..

Sometimes the frequency varies, I try to match it with the osscilator. and record that tone to wave and date it, and the length, frequency, perceived dB and imaging..left right..etc..

I keep a log of them..for over 20 years!!!

Speak about ear study...

Now the scary tinitus is the crickets, or the 60hz buzz (square wave) with the crickets. I do theropy (via William, Shatner institute..Mr Captain T. Kirk...V Kirk in one epesode only..) and Crickets are dead and gone.

For more study on tinnitus, email me. You either live with it, or learn to eliminate it.

43 years, and my floor is at 27dB now..(once was 42) If I can get to 25 for a 43 year old, I am doing magnificant. IF your -50 is accurate at all ranges, you got it going damed to Flether/Munson. It can be theropized and learned and treated...simply from exercise.