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Behringer Tube Composer

Behringer Tube Composer for a bargain price ?
How does it sounds ?



Marc Cooreman Tue, 12/05/2000 - 09:08

Well, audiokid while everyone was asleep 'round here i asked the question to George Massenburg on

(Dead Link Removed)

Got some peculiar answers
Now the machine's in the shop and got this tiny little buttons (i got big fingers) and indeed some hilarious tubes .
Gives me a bit of a plastic feeling .
Guess i would rather buy a RNC instead,
but then again i found some money for a Distressor, so .....
BTW, Do they have a dual/mono or stereo Distressor & does it cost twice as much as the mono Dist. ?


e-cue Fri, 12/29/2000 - 06:11

Behringer gear rules & I have yet to be disappointed with one on their products. I like them so much, I endorse them. I do not, however, own any of their eq's, or compressors, mainly because the studios I work at have tons of this gear. The cool thing about Behringer gear is that it's so freakin' cheap, that if you buy it & don't need it, your not out an arm & a leg. But, like I said, I haven't be disappointed yet.

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