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Best reverb for classical music?

Reverb seems to be the thing I lack the most of.
digi verb is a POS, and space designer only runs on logic.

I want something that sounds very natural. To give recordings less dead space when the musicians pause.
I really don't want to spend over a grand on this.

Are lexicons and TCs any good at that price range?
I know the Reibe is a grand, and like using it when I get the chance. So that is an option. Also I may be buying the renaissances plug in pack, which comes with a decent verb. But i rarely use it, as I have revibe and a TC 6000 to work with as well (when I am at school).

I know every one has there own opinions, but I would just like to hear what people use for their classical mixes.


Cucco Fri, 02/29/2008 - 12:23

David -

Just a quick follow up:

Thanks again for sending me your presets to work from. I've taken it, listened to it extensively and have been playing around with the Fabrik R reverb a LOT over the past week. I'm coming around VERY quickly to using this reverb and once I figured out its (IMO) quirky interface, the reverbs sound amazingly smooth and full without any hint of a traditional reverb sound.

Thanks a million!


goldendye Sat, 03/01/2008 - 04:28

nobodye worte 'bout the Altiverb. For me, it is the most perfect Reverb Plugin for both PC and Mac. It it sounds really really good for classical recordings. as a hardware I found the new Brincasti a nice tool for that.