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I have been reading this forum for a while, and have also searched on this issue, so am aware of previous recommendations (well the ones I could find anyway)

The shortlist I seem to have come up with looks something like this :

Waves : LinEQ
Sonnoris :
PSP : (Dead Link Removed)
Eiosis :
Sonnox : http://www.sonnox
RNDigital : MIDI

and I'm also aware of these :

Soniqware :
Blue Cat :
Voxengo :

I have read a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of linear phase eq, and there does seem to be divided opinion. The 'smearing' and 'pre-ringing' exhibited by Linear Phase being the main objection. Am I right in thinking I would be best off with a good linear phase eq for small adjustments, and a non-linear phase eq for extreme adjustments ?

I currently use the Liquid Mix emulations for some of my eq'ing combined with the standard 8 band parametric eq in my host daw. What I'm looking for is an alternative 'workhorse' transparant eq for carrying out both severe and subtle cuts and boosts right across the spectrum during bothmixdown and mastering. I suspect this is too tall an order and I willneed to consider two eq's

My Final question concerns the equaliser which mentions the concept of a resonant shelf. I'm not familiar with this concept, but have an emulation of this eq on my liquid mix. can anyone explain how and where this is useful ?


RemyRAD Sun, 01/11/2009 - 00:56

So, Guy, I make recordings and don't use any of that stuff. When asking about equalizers & plug-ins, what kind of music production are you doing? Your observations about equalization mean nothing until you listen to the product. Yes, there are applications where you'd want to use one over the other as the results can be startlingly different. All that really cool equalization you're talking about is stuff that I know guys like George Massenburg were into. But have you ever looked at a Neve 1073? Have you looked carefully at those equalizers? How could anybody make a good recording with such limited equalizers? In fact, how could anybody making good recording before plug-ins? I think you're putting too much emphasis on plug-ins? They are not the measurement for good recordings. Less is more. But you sound very young & enthusiastic. As I read your list I could see the sparkle in your eye. You almost seem mesmerized. As if those would make the difference between a good recording & a bad recording. They are just more tools and you don't always need or will use those on everything. What other software have you worked with? What kind of recordings are you making? What kind of equipment are you using? And so, you want to know what kind of magic words we can give you that will make all the difference in your recordings? Well, I have that work for you. PLAY

I make recordings not plug-in productions
Ms. Remy Ann David

anonymous Sun, 01/11/2009 - 04:25

Hi Remy,

I'm 38 and have been making music (been in bands) since I was 13. I've been making electronic music for the last 15 years. I have a modest project studio at home with about a dozen analog synths, a couple of hardware compressos, and some nice pre-amps. Yes I'm still young and inspired. Recently I have been asked to master professionally and have been set up in a nice studio with a pair of $50 000 Monitors, and no plugins or any further equipment other than a nice soundcard d/a and amps.
I've had a few (about five) commercial releases which I have mastered using scant equipment - thankfully the quality of the mixes was high so nothing more than subtle equalisation and a small amount of limiting were all I deemed necessary.
I have a limited (very limited) budget in this 'new' studio which doesn't allow for such niceties as hardware equalisers and compressors.. so have resorted to searching for some suitable plugins.. i wanted to avoid the usual recourse to the Waves Platinum bundle, as that is the total budget.
As the moitoring setup is so good I'm hoping that with relatively inexpensive plugins I can attempt some form of reasonable mastering. I know the 'sound' I am aiming for (mostly inspired by the sound of well produced records from the 1980's) but don't know very much about plugins as I am more used to the hardware side of things.

The style of music ranges from Electro/Hip-Hop/Drum'n'Bass to Soul/Jazz to House/Techno to Rock and Pop.

I really just need some advice on peoples opinions of the better software eq's out there. I have downloaded some demo versions of several of those mentioned and will work though them myself. The concept of both resonant shelfing and linear phase equalisation is new to me, and so yes you're right I was a little enthralled by these as they seem to present a new way of looking at equalisation different to that which I'm used to.

I enjoy reading the subtle and versatile condescension afforded to anyone, but especially non-established names, on this forum and look forward to the responses.

anonymous Sun, 01/11/2009 - 06:34

"I enjoy reading the subtle and versatile condescension afforded to anyone"

Me too. :)

I also like poking fun at people who want the best.

Now, what was it you want the best of, oh yeah, a software EQ.

Simple question really. I'd tell you but because I know this makes me superior to you, in a small and insignificant way, but if was to communicate this to you I would be bringing us both to the same level. In order for me to do this you have to come up in knowledge and I have to go down, time spent teaching you is time not spent entertaining myself. Because I wouldn't want to be condescending or as it were, a joint participation in getting down. I wont tell you.

Honestly I don't know, I record instruments.

ouzo77 Sun, 01/11/2009 - 10:45

You should definitely try the sonnox stuff. I've never used the equaliser but I own the inflator and I am demoing the limiter and transmod. I love these plugins and I will definitely buy the limiter and transmod.
You can also check the URS plugs and Sonalksis Also nice stuff but a bit pricey.
Sonnox and URS require iLok for the demos.

anonymous Sun, 01/11/2009 - 12:12

Thanks. The Sonnox sounds great. I think the URS focuses mainly on emulation of analog units ? I'm trying to limit myself at the moment to finding a really nice paramtetric digital eq to enable precise isolation of particular frequencies and to compliment the analog models on my Liquid Mix. The Sonnox and Sonalksis both look excellent.