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I have inherited a pair of rather battered beyer 201 condensor mics.

I cant find much info on the internet regarding these.
I know they are not the best mics in the world but does anyone own them ?
Are they good on certain instruments or in certain applications ?


IIRs Fri, 06/22/2007 - 01:07
M201s are great mics! I keep a pair in my gig bag, as there is almost nothing you can't use them for: snare & hats as mentioned above, also toms, percussion, guitar cabs, strings, brass... I used one on a glockenspiel last night, and also recently for a Cajon.

You can use them for vocals: they need a foam pop-shield on the end for that really, but I've got away without one before (with a female "ooh" & "aah" type backing singer!) I have also used them as spot-mics for solo-ists in choirs.

They are hypercardioid, in case you weren't aware.