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Can this do the job?

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Somebody asked this question in another forum and I am very interested in the answers and suggestions you guys have because this is a rig I can afford since I already have most of the things.

I would like all ye experienced guys out their to tell me what is missing (or rather what else you recommend for a demo studio).

Korg D12
Omni Studio Pack (M-Audio)
Acid pro 3
Cool edit pro 1.2
Fruity Loops 3
T-tracks and a whole lot of VST and DXplug-ins

CAN THIS (+ talent and know-how) DO THE JOB?

Reply please...Responde por favor...R.S.V.P


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drumsound Sat, 01/26/2002 - 19:06
I think you could do a lot with that set-up. You need to add some monitors and microphones to the set-up. You are limiting you amount of inputs at this point, so you will have to work one instrument at a time. If you’re working alone on your own material that's fine. If you want to work with bands you'll need more inputs into the computer. I don't see the need for Cool Edit and Nuendo. If you're not going to work outside of your room, I also don't see the need for the Korg, it's redundant. It seems like you're spending money foolishly buying a stand-alone unit and 2 programs that do very similar things. This could be a very good learning system. You may be able (in time) to make some very cool recordings with this set-up. Just remember that the SONG (not the gear) is KING!

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erockerboy Sun, 01/27/2002 - 14:06
Uhhh... I don't think he's ever *used* Acid. I know *I* haven't and therefore can't comment on it.

I have, however, *taken* acid a time or two... but that's another thread.


As far as the rest of your rig, sounds like you've probably got enough "stuff" to do some damage. I would say that the "talent and know-how" part of the equation are ALWAYS far more critical than the "gear" part, in my experience.

Good luck!