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So I'm towards the end of tracking my first pro tools LE session with my band. We're up to 27 tracks with just a few backup vocals ahead. Up until now everything has been fine but yesterday when I fired up the session I started hearing these clicks and pops at random times while the session is open. It doesn't have to be playing either and I know its coming from the session because I opened a different one and there was no noise. I also noticed the clicks and pops will show up on random tracks and will retain the panning effect (I'll hear a pop on the left then a click on the right and so on, and the noise will show up in the LED above the fader on whichever track the click or pop lands on)

Anyway, as I said it doesnt matter if the session is playing or not, as long as it's open the popping and clicking will happen. I tried bouncing to disk at both 16 bit and 24 bit quality and with both the .wav would have the same pops and clicks played through winamp.

My only clue as to what's causing this is the fact that I recorded the drum tracks in Cakewalk then imported them into pro Tools, along with a few sound effect .wavs. that were imported as well. Everything else was recorded directly in. I also can't understand why this just started happening yesterday when everything has been fine up until now.

Little help?


Music_Junky Fri, 02/16/2007 - 03:21

Bierce85 wrote: [quote=hueseph]No one yet huh? My guess is that it might be a plugin that you're using. Just a thought.

Bingo.. figured out last night that the T-Racks EQ that came with LE 7.1 was causing the pops. Any way to fix that problem?

Yes you have to activate T-Racks. The click is because you are still using the demo. I had the same problem once.

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